A Strong Legal Voice For Your Personal Injury Claim

Whether a truck driver struck your vehicle or you suffered health complications due to medical malpractice, filing a personal injury claim is about telling your story. Claims are about acknowledging the physical, mental, emotional and financial harm you suffered because of another's negligent actions. At Crowther Law Firm, PC, we effectively tell our clients' story through the legal lens necessary to help them obtain the full compensation to which they are entitled. Our entire staff strives to surpass client expectations and we consider full compensation the bare minimum level of service. We strive to be the bridge over troubled waters, and pray that we can give our clients the closure needed to move forward in life.

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How Do We Successfully Handle The Tough Cases?


Our law firm accepts and effectively litigates tough cases that other law firms may shy away from. We look at the complete situation, not just the potential financial outcome. Our firm's extensive legal experience is only one of the many factors behind our success. There are three vital aspects that our firm believes are absolutely necessary to tell your story:

  • We prepare your case: We never do a cursory review of your case. We conduct our own independent investigation and comb through every aspect of your case. We will work tirelessly to get you the damages and money you deserve.
  • We prepare you: Transparency is crucial in our representation. We will explain to you the law and the process thoroughly. You never have to ask us about your case, because we provide regular status updates.Even if there is nothing new to report, we are typically in touch with clients on a weekly basis. If not, you can call us either in the office or on our attorneys cell phone. One call is never all, if you have a question about your case, we are always a phone call away. Clients are provided with multiple forms of contact so we can ensure a prompt response.
  • We prepare ourselves: How can we tell your story if we don't know you? We take pride in being a firm that gets to know you personally by spending time with you and your family. We focus on understanding your goals, your concerns and your personality so we can truly be one voice - your voice.