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Diability Insurance While Employed

If an insured becomes totally disabled, he may recover payments under his disability insurance policy during his period of disability. One factor that is used to determine the insured’s eligibility for such payments is his ability to work. If he has the ability to engage in substantially gainful employment, for example, he may be denied coverage. Also, if he actually obtains employment, he may also be denied coverage. This articles addresses situations in which the insured may or may not be entitled to disability payments if he actually obtains employment.

Methods of Selling Life Insurance

Life insurance companies may sell their insurance policies through full-time agents, brokerage markets, direct sales, or mass marketing.

No Life Insurance Beneficiary Designation

If an insured obtains a life insurance policy, he has the responsibility to designate an eligible beneficiary to receive the proceeds of the policy upon his death. Situations arise, however, where the insured either fails to make any designation of beneficiary or revokes his designation and fails to make a new one.

Professional Liability Insurance – Errors and Omissions Policies

Professional liability policies, also called errors and omissions (E&O) policies, are purchased by professionals to protect themselves from liability arising from their performance of professional services. E&O policies are typically purchased by those in the medical, legal, and banking professions, but policies may be issued for many other professions. Directors and officers liability policies are also included within the scope of professional liability insurance, but this article focuses on E&O policies.

The Appraisal Clause in Insurance Policies

Fire insurance and many other kinds of insurance policies contain appraisal clauses. Such clauses are included in form fire insurance policies required by state insurance regulators and are included in various other policy forms covering losses to property.

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